• IMORDEN 6.5ft Mini CarbonFiber Jib Arm Camera Jib Crane With Environment-friendly Carrying Bag and Quick Release Plate (black&green)

    Portable Mini Jib Arm

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  • Product Specification:

    Total lenght6.5ft/ 210cm
    Telescoping Scope1.7ft/52cm-4ft/120cm
    Maximum Radius120cm
    Maximum Load5kg
    Folded lenght76cm
    Product weight6lbs

IMORDEN 6.5ft Mini CarbonFiber Jib Arm

IMORDEN, as a New Brand in Amazon, sells professional photography equipment. Our mission is\\\\\\\"More Fun, More Pro\\\\\\\"
This brand-new Carbon Fiber Jib Arm is applicable to shooting micro film, commercials, Music video, Wedding video, films etc. It can not only satisfy every videographers hobbies and interests, but also meet everyone\\\\\\\'s professional demands.

Some improvements are applied to IMORDEN 6.5ft jib arm:
1. At end of the arm, IMORDEN adds two screws as counterweight position controller to prevent movement of counterweights. According to different camera you use, you can adjust quantities and position of counterweight on back of the balance rod to get balance.
2. Environment-friendly Carrying Bag. This carrying bag uses environmental protection material which has no harm for our environment.

1. Total lenght: 6.5ft/ 210mm
2. Telescoping Scope: 1.7ft-4ft(52mm-120mm) from Tripod base
3. Maximum Radius: 120cm
4. Maximum Load: 4kg
5. Folded lenght: 76cm
6. Product weight: 2.38Kg(without counterweight)

Package Included:
-Mid-sized Jib Arm x1
-Countweight(1kg) x3
-Quick Release plates x1
-Environment-friendly Carrying Bag x1
-70mm/10mm Bowl adapter x1

1. Please choosing a heavy weight bearing tripod for this jib.

2. Three pre-drilled holes, sized 1/4inch and 3/8inch on the base of this jib arm, allow the jib attach to most tripods. You can also use a ball head or a fluid head with this jib for easier operation.

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For after sales service, please refer to the product service page, or contact us at support@imordenpro.com


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